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About Us

Making Operations Visible

Paul is the founder & CEO of Arkemis Pte Ltd, a Singapore start-up offering sustainable and scalable IT platforms which are methodology driven to address public safety needs.  To achieve this, the company creates state-of-the-art IOT sensor platform to support various user-defined CONOPS system.  

Paul held senior management positions in various government agencies and MNCs.  He obtained his BSc (Comp Sc & Info Sys), MSc (Mgt of Tech) and PhD from the National University of Singapore.  He also participated in the AMP from Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Sloan School of Management.

Siew Peng has a diverse finance and project management background, with more than 20 years in multi-national technology companies like Intel, Motorola, Sun Microsystems and NEC.    

Siew Peng obtained her Bachelor of Accountancy degree from the National University of Singapore.

Dorothy has more than 10 years of managerial experiences in project delivery, business process engineering and system design. She loves looking into novel ways to make lives better for individuals and the communities. With this mindset, she joined ARKemis to create sustainable and scalable business solutions for a safer city.

Dorothy obtained her Bachelor in Computing (B.Comp) from Monash University, Australia.