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CuraTec is an enterprise authorization platform that uses multi-factors (people, device, space and time) authentication to manage the booking of resources (e.g., function rooms, facilities) with integration to IOT enabled locking mechanisms.    

Value Propositions

The lock-and-key has been the primary means for ages to secure assets.  As cities grow in size and complexity, the management of physical keys becomes cumbersome and inefficient.  Simply put, a key could be easily duplicated and its primary intent to restrict access is defeated and security compromised.

Traditional facility booking system can be enhanced with CuraTec to eliminate the handling of physcial key press.  This will enhance the accountability and security of the premises.

Under the CuraTec family, UnlocTec is a bluetooth enabled padlock system that works with an enterprising reservation system to replace the traditional lock-and-key implementation.  


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